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LockLizard PDF Security stops unauthorized use and misuse of your PDF documents.  LockLizard's PDF DRM controls enable you to control use of your PDF documents both inside and outside your organization.

Use LockLizard PDF Security to:

  • Stop PDF copying
  • Stop PDF printing (or control the number of prints allowed)
  • Stop unauthorized viewing
  • Stop PDF modifying
  • Stop screen grabbing
  • Stop PDF saving
  • Stop unauthorized distribution
  • Apply unique dynamic PDF watermarks
  • Revoke PDF documents
  • Control PDF expiry

LockLizard PDF Security uses US Government strength encryption to protect PDF documents.  NO passwords or javascript is used to ensure utmost security - see why - PDF DRM 10 things they didn't tell you.

LockLizard PDF Security is simple to use and easy to configure.  

  • You only have to protect a PDF document once to apply unique dynamic watermarks which display the user name, company name, date and time.
  • You can enforce document retention periods and policies by expiring content after a number of views, days, or on a specific date, and revoke PDF documents even after they have been protected and distributed.  
  • There are no passwords for you to distribute or for users to enter.

Visit the LockLizard Safeguard PDF Security product page for more information, and download your free 15 day evaluation to secure PDF documents.

Download your free 15 day PDF Security evaluation to secure PDF files here - PDF Security Download

Or see how companies have benefitted using LockLizard PDF Security for their PDF protection, but reading some of our DRM customer testimonials.

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